How To Have Beautiful Teeth And A Healthy Smile

Dentists love patients who also pay attention to their own dental health. While they are your partners in keeping your teeth perfect and your mouth healthy, the bulk of the work falls into your hands. You, depending on your oral habits and diet, dictate how beautiful and cavity-free your mouth will be.

A bright smile is associated with good health and youth. The truth is, bad oral habits will lead to other health issues like heart disease. This is the reason why maintaining a good tooth brushing and flossing technique, partnered with regular visits to the dentist, can keep your whole body healthy.

Beyond that, see this article for steps you should adopt now to achieve a healthy and beautiful set of teeth.

  1. Limit Your Carb Intake

One misconception is that only sweets can be damaging to the teeth but actually, all carbohydrates will eventually break down into simple sugars. Bacteria in the mouth will convert them into plaque, which is that sticky residue triggering cavities and gum disease. This means, even bread and crackers are dangerous for teeth, especially since they are chewy and sticky, ending up under the gum line or between your teeth. While you can still eat carbs, it is best to reserve them for mealtimes. When you eat a full meal, you also produce much more saliva, and thus the food particles are washed away.

  1. Take Care When Drinking An Acidic Beverage

There is only one time when it is bad to brush your teeth and that is after drinking soda or any type of acidic beverage. This is because the acid, as well as brushing of the teeth, can cause erosion of the tooth enamel.

In order to protect your teeth against soda, it is important to sip some water or even chew a gum. This will activate the release of more saliva, which will neutralize the acid. Afterward, you can proceed to brush your teeth. If you also suffer from chronic heartburn, this is also a good trick to deal with the acid in the mouth.

  1. Take In More Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to keep your gum tissue healthy. In fact, a study of 12,000 adults in the US has proven that those who take in not more than 60mg of Vitamin C have a 25% higher risk of gum disease, compared to those who had more than 180mg intake of the vitamin.


  1. Drink More Tea

Antioxidants, which can be found in green and black tea, are also beneficial for the gums. They contain polyphenols or antioxidant plant compounds that stop plaque and prevent cavities and gum disease. Moreover, antioxidants lower your risk of bad breath because they stop the bacteria causing the disorder from multiplying in your mouth. Lastly, some teas have fluoride, which adds another layer of protection against tooth decay.

  1. Boost Calcium Levels

Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. An intake of about 800 mg daily will prevent severe gum disease from developing. While there are supplements available to boost these levels in your body, it is best to get it from your diet, through drinking milk or consuming cheese or yogurt.

  1. Avoid Chlorine In Pool Water

Dental researchers have discovered that pool water with high levels of chlorine contribute to the staining and eroding of tooth enamel. It is because it is very acidic and if you are a frequent swimmer, you might observe more damage due to the pool water. A trick is to pack a toothbrush and/or a fluoride rinse, especially when you spend more than 1 hour in the pool.

  1. Kiss Your Partner More

If you want more reason to smooch with your partner, then know that it is also good for your oral health. Kissing activates the release of more saliva in the mouth, thus, cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth are removed. If you are, however, single, do not despair. Chewing on a gum with xylitol is just as effective.

There are quite a few habits that affect oral health but unfortunately, most people are not aware of it. These 7 steps are just some that you should adopt if you want to prevent unwanted tooth decay and cavities in your teeth.